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We have over 50 million square metres of built-up area and over 3.2 thousand contracted building constructions.



Learn more about our complete and integrated solutions for residential, corporate, commercial, hospitality & mall project designs:

  • Coordination of project design blueprints/floor plans in 2D and BIM

  • Compatibility of project design blueprints/floor plans in 2D and BIM

  • Shop stonemasonry drywall project design blueprints in 2D and BIM

  • Consulting and implementation of the BIM process

  • Blueprint/floor plan project design consulting service

  • Consulting and technical audit for NBR 15.575/2013

  • Façade project design blueprint

  • Dropped ceiling project design floor plan


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Arquitetura moderna


These are some of the projects delivered by Addor & Associados.


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Miriam Addor 

Principal Associate/Associate Principal

Country Representative at AIA International Brazil. Deputy president of umbrella Brazilian association of architects AsBEA. Manages project designs at Addor & Associates/Addor & Associados.

Former counselor at Sao Paulo State branch of Brazilian Architecture & Urbanism Council. Former president at umbrella association AsBEA. Master's Degree in Virtual Design Construction at Stanford University.

BIM Certficate at Carnegie Mellon University, awarding Miriam as reference in project design and BIM.

Miriam got her Bacherlor Degree in Architecture & Urbanism at the School of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Sao Paulo, and she got her first Master's Degree in Civil Engineering at the Polytechnical School of Engineering of the University of Sao Paulo.

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Marco Addor 

Principal Associate/Associate Principal

Marco has plenty of experience in project design, engineering and innovation. He got his Bachelor's Degree in
Civil Engineering at University of Sao Paulo. At Graduate School, he studied Production Engineering, at Vanzolini
Foundation-EPUSP and Business & Finance Management as university extension at FGV.

Since 1995, Marco engages in Addor&Associados/Addor&Associates having delivered over 3.2 thousand building
construction project blueprints in Brazil and abroad.

Besides, Marco co-founded start-up company ConstruLiga, a content ecosystem linked with networking and
business regarding civil construction.

Alberto Wang

Manager Associate/Associate Manager

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Alberto has participated in over one thousand building project designs executed in the field of civil engineering.
He has elaborated shop drawing/stonemasonry-drywall project designs of retrofitted buildings and renowned special project designs, such as Palace Tangara (six-star luxury hotel), "Comercial Galeria Sul América Centro (RJ)", Cidade Matarazzo, Fasano Itaim, Florianopolis Airport (Santa Catarina, Brazil), SIRIUS Laboratory, above others.

Alberto undergraduaded in Architecture & Urbanism at Mackenzie Presbyterian University and graduated in Project
Management at Vanzolini Foundation/USP.

At Addor&Associates/Addor&Associados, Alberto is responsible for shop drawing/stonemasonry-drywall project designs.



Manager Associate/Associate Manager

Henrique Lima

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Henrique is especialised in project compatibilisation, stonemasonry and drywall production building project designs, "concrete slab" passage building prOject designs and building construction work visits. He assisted the major real estate developers and general building contractors in Brazil, delivering success in all cases. Henrique graduated in Project Management at Vanzolini Foundation/USP. He undergraduated in Architecture & Urbanism at Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP).

He is responsible for the development regarding shop drawing/stonemasonry-drywall project designs and compatibilisation of buidings for residential, corporate and hotel buildings. Henrique has over twenty seven years of experience in building project design, as he is a key-member of the Addor&Associates/Addor&Associados staff
since he has joined the company in 1996.

Manager Associate/Associate Manager

Natalia Burgui

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Having coordinated and compatibilised over one hundred building project designs, Natália is a true reference in what she does.

Natália joined Addor&Associates/Addor&Associados in 2010, working in coordination and compatibility of 2D and BIM project designs.

She undergraduated in Architecture & Urbanism at Mackencie Presbyterian University in 2009.


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